Premiere of Tokyo Complaints Choir

Tonight the Tokyo Complaints Choir had its premiere at the Arena in Roppongi Hills. It was a remarkable day, it was Friday the 13th, Obama was visiting Japan, and it was bloody cold and rainy. In fact the weather was very suitable for the premiere of the Complaints Choir. In all other cities that we (Tellervo and Oliver) were involved in the Complaints Choir the weather was always perfect on the day of our outdoor performances. Since in many songs we had complaints about lousy weather, we lost kind of credibility when the sun was shining bright during perfromance. In Tokyo this issue was now solved.

The Choir did a great job with the performance.  There had not been enough time to rehears the whole song before the premiere, so some parts were a bit improvised. But that makes the Choir so sympathetic, because you can sense that there are real people on stage, not some molded TV personalities that never do any mistakes.

The performance was followed by a number of TV stations and Newspapers. So, in the end Complaints Choir made it into the news despite Obama mania in Japan.

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