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COMPLAINTS CHOIR -documentary film at Pink Cow, Tokyo, Sunday 29th November 2009

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

For members of the Tokyo Complaints Choir and their friends and other fans of the project we will preview the recently finished documentary about Complaints Choirs at the Pink Cow on Sunday November 29.

Doors open 4pm, film starts 4.30pm. Free entrance.
Film Directed By: Ada Bligaard Søby, Produced By: Fine & Mellow, Smog Veil Records, Kinotar, 2009

The documentary COMPLAINTS CHOIR (56 min) follows the worldwide Complaints Choir art project by the Finnish/German artist couple Tellervo & Oliver Kalleinen in Chicago, Singapore and beyond.

COMPLAINTS CHOIR investigates the phenomena of complaining that seems to be binding us all together. Why do so many people spend so much energy on complaining? Is it bad for your mind or is it really a basic manner of communication serving the purpose of emotional relief? And ultimately, what happens if people in a society are not at all allowed to speak their mind and complain?

And here are the greetings from the Pink Cow hosts:
Great Pink Cow beers and burritos will be available to order at the bar along with
lots of other yummy things!”  drinks available from 4pm, food from 5pm. Stay
after the showing for a free Djembe Drum Circle night:) for maps and more
info please check

Complaints Choir of Tokyo Video at Mori Art Museum

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

The video of Tokyo’s Complaints Choir is now ready and it is included into the video installation shown as MAM Project 10 at Mori Art Museum. The video can be seen starting from November 28 at the museum. The MAM project space is located in the very end of the museum round, so don’t exhaust yourself with the Medicine and Art exhibition , the best thing comes still in the end. Don’t miss it.

Premiere of Tokyo Complaints Choir

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Tonight the Tokyo Complaints Choir had its premiere at the Arena in Roppongi Hills. It was a remarkable day, it was Friday the 13th, Obama was visiting Japan, and it was bloody cold and rainy. In fact the weather was very suitable for the premiere of the Complaints Choir. In all other cities that we (Tellervo and Oliver) were involved in the Complaints Choir the weather was always perfect on the day of our outdoor performances. Since in many songs we had complaints about lousy weather, we lost kind of credibility when the sun was shining bright during perfromance. In Tokyo this issue was now solved.

The Choir did a great job with the performance.  There had not been enough time to rehears the whole song before the premiere, so some parts were a bit improvised. But that makes the Choir so sympathetic, because you can sense that there are real people on stage, not some molded TV personalities that never do any mistakes.

The performance was followed by a number of TV stations and Newspapers. So, in the end Complaints Choir made it into the news despite Obama mania in Japan.

Audio Recording Completed

Friday, November 13th, 2009

scaled.DSC_6280Tonight the Tokyo Complaints Song was recorded. Choir members gave their best, despite the heat and humidity in the recording room, since the air condition had to be turned off to get a clean recording. After 2 hours and 4 takes the audio recordist and our perfectionist musician Sunshuke were satisfied and participants could enjoy some sushi plates. On Saturday November 14 further performances at Zojo-ji Temple (3pm) and at Otemosando hills (7:30 pm) will be recorded to create a music video of the Complaints Choir that will be shown at Mori Art Museum from November 28 on. Many thanks to musicians, the recordist, the conductor, the organizers and of cause the choir members for their enthusiasm!

Premiere of Tokyo Complaints Choir announced

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

scaled.DSC_4406While the Complaints Choir of Tokyo is rehearsing with great enthusiams, we already can announced the location for the choirs grand premiere. It will be held at the ARENA on Roppongi Hills below the Mori Tower on Friday November 13 at 19:00. The choir will perform its 10 minute long complaints song for everybody that shows up – for free… Please invite everybody to hear our complaints.

There will be further performances on Saturday November 14th, for example at Zojo-ji Temple at 15:00 and at Ometosando hills at 19:30. You can find more details on the Tokyo Complaints Choir at Mori Art Museum website.

Video clip from rehearsal

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

If you are curious to hear a small bit of the upcoming Complaints Song in Tokyo, check this 1 minute clip from the second rehearsal of the Choir.