In September 2008 Marabouparken joined the global Complaints Choir movement and formed a choir in Sundbyberg. Singers and complaints were recruited during the exhibition of the Complaints Choir installation by Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Tellervo Kalleinen at Marabouparken Annex. The choir aka SUNDBYBERGS KLAGOKÖR started its work with an extensive complaints workshop producing many hundreds of complaints. Among the top complaints were: "Why is it taboo to discuss what kind of society we want in the future?", "Mornings are too early" and "My children do not speak with me!". Sophie Eklöf composed the song and conducted 3 intense rehearsals before the grand performance at Marabouparken annex, Hallonbergen centrum and Hallonbergen subway station in Sundbyberg at the 14th of November 2008.


Organised by Marabouparken 2008. Composed and conducted by Sophie Eklöf. Lyrics by the Choir. Camera: Tamara Henderson and Henry Moore Selder. Editing: Henry Moore Selder. Sound: Torsten Rundqvist. Special thanks to Miriam Bäckström. .