Complaints Choirs Worldwide

Below you can access a quite random selection of the news coverage about the project.

DECEMBER 24, 2013
Nadja Sayej wrote a short piece about CC for the Vice magazin.
Check it out here. She was especiall interested in the political aspects of complaints choir.

NOVEMBER 27, 2013
The complaints choirs of Berlin and Dresden received surprisingly much attention of German media. They even made it into the main evening news (ZDF heute). Culture channel Arte portrait the Dresden choir and Spiegel Online the Berlin choir.
ZDF heute (look after 13:00)
SPIEGEL online

BRAND Eins, an economic newspaper in Germany that is rather unusal in its scope and thematic range, made an extended interview with Tellervo and Oliver. The interviewer was Bernhard Bartsch from; he later joined the Berlin Complaints Choir.
BRAND EINS – Lamento, ergo sum

DECEMBER 8, 2009
New York Times has a story on Complaints Choirs with a focus on Tokyo. Article by Phyllis Korkki.

JULY 8, 2009
There has been many articles on the Complaints Choir of Hongkong; for example at the Daily Telegraph from Australia.

AUGUST 16, 2008
The Japan Times published an item on the Complaints Choir idea. On their website you can listen to an audio version of the article. By some strange reason the article becomes really hilaroius when read out aloud.

AUGUST 12, 2008
The Village Voice followed the second rehearsal of the New York Complaints Choir.

APRIL 19, 2008
Anna Watson wrote a nice piece on the Complaints Choir for the Nordic Reach travel magazine specialized on Scandinavia. pdf 640 KB

APRIL 16, 2008
Germany's leading weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT reported about the turbulent workshop "9 Easy Steps to Organize a Complaints Choir" that was held as part of the Night program of Berlin Biennale 2008.
A story by Iris Rodriguez.

FEBRUARY 18, 2008
Helsingin Sanomat, the leading Finnish newspaper, dedicated a full page story to the Complaints Choir and the founders of this movement. link to the story (In Finnish only)

JANUARY 28, 2008
Local and international media reported widely about the Complaints Choir of Singapore. The project raised high expectations. The unfortunate decision by Singapore's authorities to de facto ban the choir from publicly performing created a news storm, especially when REUTERS picked up the story. The incident was even reported in Aserbaidschan. Singapore's media discussed the case still for month.
Channel NewsAsia.

NOVEMBER 25, 2007
The Complaints Choir project is featured on CBS Sunday Morning, November 25. Correspondent Bill Geist covered the story and even contributed a complaint that is now a part of the Chicago Complaints Choir song.

NOVEMBER 24, 2007
The Complaint Choir of Chicago received widespread press coverage. When Associated Press covered the event the story was picked up by papers and media outlets around the globe, such as New York Times, CNN International, Boston Globe, The West Australian, The South African Star and many others. Particularly I liked the news coverage on the Washington Post on their page C13. They run two news items. TODAYS NEWS: (1) Surgery in Space and (2) Griping in Harmony. It might have been just a coincidence, but if the complaints choir movement spreads at the current pace it won't take long before we have the "First International Space Station Complaints Choir". Reading now and then about the ISS I am sure they guys out there have lots to complain, just think of the astronaut diapers. If someone reads this blog entry who knows somebody in charge at the ISS, please let them know about this idea. Thanks. Here some of the more earthly coverage:
Associated Press Story "Complaints in four-part harmony" By Michael Tarm, Nov 4, 2007
This story went out on the wire and was used by many other papers.
Chicago Public Radio "Complaints Choir Gripes About Chicago"
Produced by Althea Legaspi, Friday, November 2, 2007 A re-run aired on NPR.
Chicago Tribune "Complaint choirs list their gripes, then sing that dismay away"
By Colleen Mastony, Tribune staff reporter, November 2, 2007
Daily Herald "Peeved? Provoked? Check out the Complaints Choir"
Publsihed November 1, 2007
Daily Northwestern "Bones to pick - Complaints Choir makes U.S. debut"
by Senka Hadzimuratovic October 10, 2007
Sun-Times Story "Complaining choir singing the blues"
By Andrew Herrmann, Staff Reporter, November 1, 2007
Time Out Chicago "The gripe stuff"
By Martina Sheehan, Issue 140 : November 1, 2007 - November 7, 2007
For a more comprehensive search
check Google News.

AUGUST 23, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Malmö aka Malmö Klagokör received a lot of press feedback. For example Sveriges Radio reported here and here about it, the newspaper Sydsvenskan had several pieces on it, for example a text by Pontus Kyander.

JULY 30, 2007
Zeff Davies wrote a tongue-in-cheek review of the Complaints Choir project "Kvetching in key" at Back of the Book. And ALARM magazine has a text on the upcoming Complaints Choir of Chicago.

JUNE 1, 2007
Deutsche Welle aka DW-World has a long article on their website about the spreading Complaint Choir movement under the wonderful heading: "Complainers of the World Unite -- in Choirs". The article was written by Julie Gregson. (original text also available

MAY 15, 2007
The current issue (No. 9 / May 2007) of the "
Verbraucherpolitische Korrespondenzen" – a magazin published by the roof organisation of the German consumer associations – deals with the very important topic "Complaining - the Correct Way". Besides tips of how consumers can complain most effectively, the magazin also has a report about the complaints choir project. (in German only) (original pdf here)

APRIL 12, 2007
Deutschlandradio Kultur broadcasted a short feature about the Complaints Choir and the initiators of this project for their daily PORTRAIT. By Martin Koch. (mp3 available here)

MARCH 25, 2007
Avi Silberstein from, a Canada based web-magazine, has a long story on the complaints choir movement. (original text also available here)

JANUARY 31, 2007
Gilles Roy wrote a very insightful review of the Complaints Choir project at

JANUARY 6, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Helsinki is featured on NPR - Weekend Edition Saturday.

DECEMBER 12, 2006
The Complaints Choir
Project is featured on BBC Global Hits.

The catalogue of the exhibition "Lost and Found" at S.M.A.K. in Ghent has a long interview. with Tellervo and Oliver about the Complaint Choirs and some of their other projects. (pdf)

JUNE 2006
Dirk Schneider made a nice feature about the Hamburg Complaints Choir for
Neonlicht. (mp3)

JUNE 2006
A short feature about the Complaints Choir of Hamburg by
Norddeutscher Rundfunk. (mp3)

JUNE 2006
Issue 100 of Frieze Magazine has a rather critical review of the ARS06 exhibition in Kiasma but mentions the Complaints Choir of Birmingham as one of the few works that stands out. Read to the end. (text)

JUNE 13, 2006
The ORF reported about the Complaints Choir project here.

MAY 2006
Tiiu Pohjalainen – a member of the Helsinki Complaints Choir – was
interviewed by YLE Q-radio station about the project, about the power of complaining and singing. The interview is only in Finnihsh. (mp3)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2006
The St. Petersburg times has a long article on the Complaints Choir project titled "Musical Moaning". (link)

MARCH 23, 2006
Helsingin Sanomat, the main newspaper in Finland, covered the Helsinki Complaints Choir in several articles. One of the articles that is available in English is subtitled Embrace Your Inner Complainer, (link)
The Finnish articles can be read
here and here. (jpg)

Finnish Art Magazine Taide Lehti discusses the ARS06 exhibition in which the Complaints Choir of Birmingham was shown. Both articles (only in Finnish) include short commentaries on the choir project. The first article is written by Otso Kantokorpi, the other review is written by Erkki Pirtola. (jpg)

JANUARY 23, 2006
Mika Hannula wrote a long review of the project for Kunstkritikk The Art of Complaining (text)