Complaints Choirs Worldwide


February 25, 2016

Another rendition of the Complaints Choir took place in New Westminster which I believe is a part of the Greater Vancouver region. Thus the Complaints Choir density in Vancouver and surroundings - already the highest worldwide - was increased to new record levels. The Choir performed during a VIBE evening that was dedicated to complaints culture in general. The Anvil Community Choir, led by Shane Raman, set to music complaints received by the city.

April 1, 2016

Looking at the current presidential election madness in the US it is appropriate to point once more to the great Complaints Choir version done by the  Voices of Washington. The performers wear masks due to the compromising content of the song. And the conductor fittingly wears a Darth Vader mask. But their complaints seem so sweet and innocent against the viciousness of this times.

January 5, 2016

A complaints choir in Tallin was formed for the exhibtion DOings & kNOts organized by Margit Säde & Tallinna Kunstihoone. For your information, In Estonian Complaints Choir means Kaebekoor.

February 11, 2015

Complaints Choir was featured on the French program L'Oeil de Links, hopefully this will spark new complaining activity in France. Here is the link to the program.

April 1, 2014

We have now completed the Complaints Choir project in two settlements for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in Georgia. The performances took place in the settlemets and we made a glorious bus trip to Tblissi. See more details on the blog:

December 24, 2013

Nadja Sayej wrote a short piece about CC for the Vice magazin.
Check it out here. She was especially interested in the political aspects of complaints choir.

November 27, 2013

Both Dresden and Berlin finally got their own rendition of the Complaints Choir. In both city ca. 30 complaints activists went out into public to confront the audience with the result of 4 weeks of hard complaining and rehearsing. The song contains - as always - a great snapshot of private and civic life in those cities. The choirs were prominently featured in the German news, allowing the choir members still amplify their concerns to a wider audience.

image: CC Berlin conducted by Miss Le Bomb aka Catriona Shaw on November 27 at HAU.

November 1, 2013

The people from DON Berlin put a lot of effort into a
short video animation that explains the basics about complaints choir for newbies. It was made for the Nordwind festival to encourage citizens of Berlin and Dresden to sign up. Unfortunately it is only in German, but do not complain, you can always try the automatic captions (click CAPTION beside the gear wheel in the play bar), it is always good for some hilarous misunderstandings.

October 5, 2013

The Nordwind Festival has invited the Complaints Choir project to coordinate two choirs that will rehearse at the same time in Berlin and Dresden. Complainers are needed in both cities. Join us!
More details on the choir in Dresden: here
More details on the choir in Berlin:

April 5, 2013

Bealtaine Festival has organized complaints choirs in various communities in Ireland. They will all join on May 1 to perform their gripes collectively. The Bealtaine Festival is dedicated to support creative expression of people of age 50+. The Waterford Complaints Choir for example has an average age of 75. The music for the song was composed by Conor Linehan of the Royal Irish Academy. Dominic Campbell, Artistic Director of Bealtaine, says, “Irish people are supposed to be world class at complaining – here’s the chance to prove it! “ (as reported in the Irish Times)

November 27, 2013

The Complaints Choir of Mexico (aka Coro de Quejas de la ciudad de México) performes today at 12 local time at the Monumento a la Madre. The brave complainers of Mexico city have all our sympathies; we imagine that the list of complaints is rather extensive and probably a symphony of complaints would be the appropriate format. (A similar approach was taken in Hongkong). The choir was organized by the
Museo Experimental El Eco. For further information youc can download the flyer of the choir.

July 9, 2011

Ca. 45 brave citizens of the small town of Teutonia in Southern Brasil came to the workshop on July 9 and produced ca. 500 complaints for their song. Complains ranged form social injustice in Brasil to the fact that the firetruck of Teutonia can only drive 40 km per hour. (The truck was a present from Germany). Teutonia has a large population of decendents of immigrants of German origin. Local musician Lucas Brolese is now at task to compose the selected complaints into a song.

The first public performance of the Teutonia Complaints Choir aka Coro de Queixas de Teutonia will take place on July 23 at 2 pm at the Adminstrative Town Centre, an interesting building mimicking German Fachwerk architecture.

June 2011

The small town of Teutonia in Southern Brasil will host the first Complaints Choir of South America. The choir is part of a travelling program of the 2011 Mercosul Bienal in Porto Alegre. Below you find the call for participants. Download the flyer in Portugese.

JOIN THE COMPLAINTS CHOIR OF TEUTONIA aka Coro de Queixas de Teutonia !

Your neighbor is learning to play drums?
Her boss decided to pick on her clothes?
And politicians, what do you think?

If you have something to complain about, join us!

The 8th Biennial of Mercosul Visual Arts invites all citizens of Teutônia to participate in the first chorus of complaints from South America, to be held in Teutônia. The project of artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver kocht-Kalleinen conduct by musician Luke Brolese will turn their complaints in an impressive chorus.


Send as many complaints by e-mail or regular mail by the 08th of July. Any topic is allowed!
Foundation Visual Arts Biennial of Mercosul
Rua Bento Martins, 24, room 1201, Centro - Porto Alegre, RS
CEP: 90010-080

Participation is free and no need for prior knowledge about singing. *

Date: 09 JULY 2011
Hours: 14hrs to 18hrs
Espaço das Artes
• There will be four tests between the 16 and 22 July.
• The performance will be held July 23 (in Teutônia) and July 24 (in Montenegro).
• There will be a final performace on 11 September in Porto Alegre.

March 21, 2011

Canada is now in a close race to take the lead of being the country with most complaints choirs; a position currently held by Sweden. But with the new Toronto Complaints Choir rehearsing this might change. Look out for impromptu performances throughout the downtown area starting next week - March 21-26, with the final performance at Harbourfront on the 26th. The choir is part of World Stage festival. It is directed by Bryce Kulak

March 3, 2011

Sad news reached us today when we learned that one of the members of the Cairo Complaints Choir was killed during the recent clashes in Cairo. "On 28 January 2011 (the Friday of Anger), when state security forces and hired thugs violently confronted pro-democracy protestors in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag, 23-year-old Sally Magdy Zahran passed away after thugs beat her on the head with bludgeons." source:

On a more positive note the Cairo Complaints Choir has developed into a larger community art project. It recently featured the fourth performance of the choir that was renamed appropriately Utopian Choir. “The idea was originally to find alternative ways to critique the status quo by imagining a different future, despite the constraints at the time,” explained Salam Yousry, artistic director of the Choir Project. The Utopian theme was conceived by choir members in early January, before the uprising began. The Choir Project will as well conduct a workshop in Jordan and perform at the Music Freedom Day in March. (this information was gathered from an article: "Choir captures Tahrir revolution's Utopian vibe" by Mai El-Wakil published at

October 5

After long years of silence the Souther parts of Europe are picking up the Complaints Choir idea. Spain will feature the Complaints Choir of Sevilla during the autumn time. Initiator Carmen Herrera wrote: "We decided to set up Seville’s choir when we noticed there were no Spanish choirs yet. It’s not as if there’s nothing to complain about in Spain, even if it’s only that there’s too much sun and that siesta time’s too long.

It was a private initiative, an idea by Carmen Herrera who put a call out for our choir on the internet. She was joined straight away by Fatima Herrero and Isabel Sanchez, and the three pioneer complainers began to distribute propaganda to attract more followers.

Within a short time they had collected some 400 complaints and could start to get a song together. Jose Marquez volunteered as composer/conductor and the initiative met with great enthusiasm and a 20-strong choir, many of whom were quite new to this kind of activity. The Seville Perfo-Poetry Festival held in October 2010 offered a stage, an avid audience and matching yellow t-shirts for our première. Next will come the María Luisa Park, then the world, and after that who knows, outer space perhaps. Anywhere they’ll listen to us really."
You can follow them on their own blog. or check out this news report.

By pure concidence the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo - CAAC in Sevilla has included the Complaints Choir video installation in their recently opened new exhibtion "Publics and Counter-Publics"

September 2

On Thursday September 2 the 70 person strong "Repair" Choir performed to a puzzled Ars Electronica opening public. Following an experimental noise/vj set - something more to be expect at a festival like ars - the choir entered the festivals main stage to produce a traditional upper-austrian folk song in sharp contrast to the previous show. Unfortunately it was hard to comprehend the complaints sung by the choir since they were expressed through 4-liners in local dialect. Nevertheless the unexpected folk song performance of 70 people mostly aged above 50 within the context of the electronic arts festival created a comical or even unnerving effect and left not a few people wondering: What's going on?

June 30

Ars Electronica 2010 in Linz will be under heavy influence of the Complaints Choir project. The newly build Ars Electronic Centre (itself an object of a number of complaints) will show a video installation with choir videos from around the globe. The opening will be on July 29 and the piece can be seen until end of September 2010.

But Linzer complainers don't have to just passively watch people from other cities joyfully complain. Ars Electronica will together with ORF coordinate a special complaints choir that will perform during the Ars Electronica Festival. Beside disgruntled media artists anybody can take part. In a noble twist, the Linzer Choir will not only complain, but provide solutions as well, therefore the slighly misleading renaming of the choir into Repair Choir aka Reparatur Chor. (By conicidence this years festival theme is REPAIR - Sind Wir Noch Zu Retten).

Anybody in the region is welcome to join. For more detail check ORF's
website or download the flyer.

June 30

The Complaints Choir of Hongkong will hold its ultimate perfromance: a complete symphony of complaints with the great title "Our City, Our Bittersweet Symphony."

June 10

The fellow moaners of Tasmania are tuning up local complaints in for their highly anticipated appearance at the
Festival of Voices from July 7 - 11. This festival of choirs celebrates the power of the voice and community spirit. Australian artist and songwriter, Kavisha Mazzella is coming to Hobart to lead the enthusiastic choir. - "We are really excited to be able to have a Complaints Choir", says Skye Targett from the choir.

May 25

The Complaints Choir of Columbus had its first performance in the majestic First Congregational Church. By the initiative of the Columbus Museum of Art a 25-person group was gathered to give voice to the most current mutterings of Columbus citizens.

The museum collected the complaints, which then were transformed into music by local songwriter David Holm. The piece was settled on a percussive approach that would reflect the act of complaining. A video from the reheasals will be soon on view at the Museum.

"There is something about complaining - when you sing about it - that almost makes you feel happy," says Lisa Dent, associate curator for contemporary art at the museum. The choir complained about broccoli, gum in the hair, texting while driving and empty milk cartons in the refrigerator.

The Columbus Dispatch has more on the story.

May 23, 2010

Cairo celebrated the first Complaimts Choir in an African city on May 23. (The first Complaints Choir organized in Africa was only open for employees of Roche Diagnostics in Randburg /Johannesburg).

“There’s a lot of repression in Cairo, so instead of taking it out on each other, it’s better to join a Complaints Choir,” said Suzan Radwan, an actress and member of the choir.

Sarah Rifky, a curator at Townhouse Gallery, initiated the choir and invited people to join a complaints workshop. Particpants of the workshop spent six days preparing and rehearsing under the guidance of theater director and writer Salam Yousry and standup comedian Moataz Attallah. Accompanied by the oud and tabla, the chorus managed to turn almost all of their complaints into four uplifting songs.

The four songs comprised different themes, ranging from the political — extension of the emergency law in Egypt, civil rights and bureaucracy — to the personal and the trivial — bad TV shows, annoying neighbors and petty behaviors. The songs also criticized government officials’ abuse of power, with a particular emphasis on police officers. Aly Sobhy, an actor and member of the choir whose long hair seems to attract unwanted attention wherever he goes, told Daily News Egypt, “Policemen always stop me in the street and tell me to cut my hair, why do they think they have a say over what I do with my hair.”

(as reported in by Heba Fahmy)

April 12, 2010

The Columbus Museum of Art is currently gathering complaints from the community in preparation for Columbus' first Complaints Choir performance on June 5. Musician David Holm will compose original music for the Choir and a rehearsal schedule is in the works.
The Columbus Dispatch has more on the strory.

March 20, 2010

The Vienna Complaints Choir aka Wiener Beschwerdechor will have it's first public performance at a secret location in Vienna in the middle of April. The choir was initiated by Oliver Hangl and has more than 50 members. Viennese are particular proud of their local complaints culture. They boast more then 10 different synonymous words for complaining : raunzen, motschkern, keppeln, granteln, nörgeln, kritteln, meckern, jammern etc. For more info check: (Photo by P.A. Knope)

March 2, 2010

Rotterdam is special: the city has two Complaints Choir at he same time: one from the North and one from the South. Both Choirs will perform tomorrow March 3. For further information please check the organizers website:

January 7, 2010

The Complaints Choir of Zurich met for the first time on last Saturday for a complaints workshop. The Choir is organizied by Shedhalle in the framework of the excellent exhibition IM/POSSIBLE COMMUNITY. The choir will perform for the finisage on January 30, at 8pm. For further information check the website of Shedhalle.

November 30

Here is an online sneak preview of the Complaints Choir of Tokyo music video.

November 30

After successful Complaints Choir projects in Gabriola, Sointula and Vancouver the area is stepping up it's complaints efforts with a new choir established at Port Coquitlam in British Columbia. By rough estimation the area could have the highest density of complaints choir worldwide. The Port Coquitlam Complaints Choir was initiated by Judy Johnson. In an article by the TriCityNews she tells about the choir:

" 'We complained a lot,' Johnson laughed. 'We wrote down all the complaints and then we wrote the lyrics and composer Wayne Sawyer put it to music. We had so much fun with this.' The result is an eight-minute piece with about five different songs in it.

After looking at the rather long list of complaints Johnson said they discovered some emerged with their own rhythm, like the story of a bear climbing into a garbage bin, 'which everyone in PoCo can relate to.' That piece is called the Bear Bin Boogie.

'We complained about taxes of course, about traffic, about bridges, about bears and garbage, the underpass, the traffic around Safeway... everyday PoCo stuff,' Johnson said. The brief songs are like a series of excursions around the city — and the challenges people encounter in each unique area."

November 15

Complainers in Istanbul will have the opportunity to get their vocies heard at the end of this turbulent year. Certainly there were enough issues in 2009 providing material for a whole complaints opera. The appropriately named non-profit organisation
Contemporary Utopia Management will organize the Choir. Sign up to the choir until December 3.

November 10

While the Complaints Choir of Tokyo is rehearsing with great enthusiams, we already can announced the location for the choirs grand premiere. It will be held at the ARENA on Roppongi Hills below the Mori Tower on Friday November 13 at 19:00. The choir will perform its 10 minute long complaints song for everybody that shows up - for free... Please invite everybody to hear our complaints.

There will be further performances on Saturday November 14th, for example at Zojo-ji Temple at 15:00 and at Ometosando hills at 19:30. You can find more details on the Tokyo Complaints Choir
.at the officila blog of the choir or at Mori Art Museum website.

October 30

Moaners of all nations, unite in song!

"What are you complaining about? This is the question that two Finnish artists have journeyed out to ask people in all four corners of the world in
documentary director Ada Bligaard Søby's docu-musical. Their aim is not to pour salt in the wounds of the world's grumpy complainers, but to let everyone vent their dissatisfaction about everything from parking fines to climate change in a liberating chorus of whining harmonies. We are taken to places such as Chicago and Singapore, and even if the cultures vary, it's obvious that complaining is a basic human trait, and it is tackled with a deadpan approach by the two Finns. Ada Bligaard Søby has, in a short space of time, made her mark as an original new name in the Danish film world, among other things with last year's poetic New York postcard 'Black Heart'. With 'Complaints Choir' she is adding a promising first feature to her resume."

Director: Ada Bligaard Søby, Danmark 2009, 56 min.


October 22

The Tokio Complaints Choir finally came together for the first meeting at the Mori tower. 90 people showed up and complained. In the first meeting the lyrics for the upcoming choir song were pre-selected. Also a great number of new complaints were created. They ranged from the national debt to "My Grandmother thinks she is an American"! One popular topic was work with more than 300 complaints submitted. For example: "I don't liek to take care of my boss when we go out drinking." More details at the blog of the Tokyo Complaints Choir.

September 1

The Tokio Complaints Choir searches for participants. No singing skills required; the only thing you need is a complaint. Please send your complaints – anything between 1 and 100 (or more) – together with your contact details to There will be altogether 5 rehearsals and two days with performances. The first rehearsal is on Friday October 23 at Mori Art Museum.The video of the Tokio choir performance will be shown together with Complaints Choirs from other cities at the Mori Art Museum starting November 28. (photo by rinzewind)

The Tokyo Complaints Choir has now an
own blog were you can closely follow their activities.

August 23, 2009

The first Complaints Choir organized in Japan will hold live performances on 23rd of August in the 21st
Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. The Composer of the song is Tatsuhiko Maki and the choir is conducted by Genie (presumably a pseudony). The choir has 21 members.

"We held on several occasions of workshop and completed to write the lyrics with complaints. We collected more than 200 complaints through the workshops. Someone complaints that our economical situation is so disaster, and other complaints why we have a lot of rain in Kanazawa, and so on. Also, the young Japanese people make conversation bristling with abbreviations is also complained by older generation."

July 31, 2009

documentary film that follows the making of the Complaints Choirs of Chicago and Singapore airs on Swedish Television SVT Channel 2 on JULY 31 at 20:00 and AUGUST 2 at 13:50. It will be additionally shown on SVT Europa 31 july 23:10 and 3 August 14:45.

It is just consequent that the film premieres in Sweden since the Kingdom is currently the country with most Complaints Choirs. We are aware of 10 1/2 Swedish choirs. We are still puzzled why among the many candidates exactly Sweden holds this title. Any explanations are welcomed. Below is a list of Swedish Complaints Choirs:

Malmö Complaints Choir - the first Klagokör in Sweden

Malax Complaints Choir

Umeå Complaints Choir - the darkest choir accompanied by a rare key harp

Eslöv Complaints Choir

Jönköping Complaints Choir

Värmland Complaints Choir

Sundbyberg Complaints Choir - check our choir page for more details on this choir

Gävleborg Complaints Choir

Upsala Complaints Choir - not sure if it ever performed

Härnösand Complaints Choir - funny enough it is part of a campaign called "Kreativ Vision Härnösand"

And than there is still
Ålands Complaints Choir, The Åland Islands are not part of the Swedish Kingdom, but nevertheless the choir sings in Swedish.

July 20, 2009

Check out this great music video by the worlds first one man complaints choir aka
I COMPLAINT CHOIR. It originates from British Columbia and the song is called "Come to Canada". Around 1:50 into the song it reminds kind of Nick Cave. The song is produced by the Canadian Complaints Commission and aparently you can send in your complaints:

July 1, 2009

The choir's inaugural performance took place during the annual July 1 pro-democracy demonstration, when tens of thousands of people marked the anniversary of Hong Kong's 1997 return to Chinese sovereignty. According to an
AFP story, that reported on the Hongkong choir: "In an ironic twist, the choir received a complaint on its website from mainland China -- where freedom of speech is not a fundamental right -- when a hacker wrote "silence is golden" and then for good measure added a virus that blocked the site to other users." Find out more about the HongKong Complaints Choir in this docu video.

June 20, 2009

Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda informed about the activities of the Gdansk Complaint Choir: "The first rehersal took place on June 3rd. The grand premiere was held on June 20th at 6 p.m. local time, i.e. on the first day of summer holidays in Poland. The Choir was initiated by the
The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk, Poland within the cultural project "Radunia - Along the Art Current". We collected the complaints of Gdansk inhabitants over a few weeks in April and May via e-mails and via interviews made by a local radio station ESKA. Then those complaints were transformed by the jazz musician Cezary Paciorek and the poet Bozena Ptak into complaints songs.

Yes, we are proud to announce the Gdansk Complaints Choir performed five different songs - each presenting a different music influence ranging from Polish folk to reaggee . All of them, however, express the longings, disappointments and worries of Gdansk citizens. The tunes are very catchy and we hope that at least one of them will become a summer hit.

Gdansk Complaints Choir consists of two "regular" choirs: Non Serio and Chor Mieszczan Gdanskich as well as of many Gdansk citizens who volunteered to join in."

May 1, 2009

Tapio Rissanen - chief shop steward of the
Tampere University Association of Researchers and Teachers - passed on the latest information on the First Academic Complaints Choir that was formed in Tampere. He writes: "Complaining is unfashionable. It has never been fashionable and it is even less fashionable at the present as the ethos of hyper briskness and success reigns. Now changes are "opportunities", academics face the "pressures of opportunities" placed in front of them from the outside of the academy, and scholars are more exhausted from work than ever before.

Complainers are often thought as whiners for nothing. It would be more honourable to be silent about difficult matters. Yet, complaining is important. It is therapeutic for the complainers to have their say about what irritates, annoys or makes one angry. Complaining out loud cleans up the atmosphere in the workplace. Shared common experiences join complainers together. Furthermore, every complaint includes a sprout for resistance and change.

Since 2005 the complaint choir movement has spread around the world. However, no-one had made a complaint song of academics until Tatte decided to carry out its own complaint choir production. The premier of the academics' complaint choir was in the May Day party 2009 in Tampere, Finland.

Tatte, we collected issues for complaints from the academics during the spring. And we received a lot of these, indeed! Joel Kuortti wrote the lyrics for the song trying to include all of the suggested issues. He could not manage it, and yet the original lyrics contained over 20 verses! Jarno Laaksonen from the Conservatory of Tampere composed the fine music. A talented group of enthusiastic academic teachers and researchers were recruited for the choir. They arranged the music and lyrics together with theater music student Emmi Uimonen in an incomprehensibly short time - in only a week! Emmi Uimonen conducted and accompanied the choir with excellent expertise. Ville Erkkilä and Pepe Lempinen recorded the choir performance. The video was edited by Hannu Nieminen and Tapio Rissanen, who also produced the choir project. Thanks to the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers for financial support, which made the project possible."

Check their video
Part 1 and Part 2.

May1, 2009

According to the schedule of the Hongkong Choir you have still the chance to catch one of the 3 last performances. It is recommended to check out also the show at 1a Space which will feature Complaints Choir videos from around the globe.

April 25, 2009

Hongkong Complaints Choir came up with an interesting design for their Crest showing a broken wall, a (dead) banana, a few notes and the motto "BELIVE IN SOCIAL ORDER - COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN" Here you can read the full explanation (thanks Thompson):

March 30, 2009

e demitiralized autonomous province of Åland - a beautiful archipelago comprised of more then 6500 islands - joins the international complaints choir movement. Although the islands' motto is "Islands' of Peace" it seems there is enough material for a complaints song. The first submitted complaints by local citizens range from the sad "Ticks make me hate nature", the angry "I am not allowed to pee in the sea, but Cruising-ferries can shit in the Baltic" to the tragic "I can´t drink as much as when I was young" to the existential "Why do all the girls fall in love with me?". Lykke Portförs, the coordinator of the choir, send me following update on the activities of the choir:

"The announced time for our first performance will be at the official opening of the Åland culture/congress house Alandica on the 4th of April. The time for our performance will be 19.45. The first shooting of the choir is also taking place then. The filming is done by a professional documentary filmer here on Åland, Per-Ove Högnäs.

We still have one rehersal incoming Friday but so far everything has gone really smoothly and I am having great fun with a group of great people. Around 30 people are participating in the choir but unfortunately only 2 men."

Since the Åland Choir will sing in Swedish, it will be the 8th Swedish singing Complaints Choir! World Record!

March 15, 2009

Thompson from
PEP collective informed about the latest developements on the Hongkong Complaints Choir: "We have set up a blog for Hong Kong Complaints Choir and design a crest for the choir. We have just done a road-side exhibition in Mong Kok, showing the short video clip you have prepared for us. People are often seen watching it with a wide smile on their face. They are sticking complaints slips onto our cart until very late at night. We have uploaded some photos onto flickr about this event.

We are going to have our lyric composing session very soon, on 6/6. After that we have planned to do 4 rehearsals. On 1/7 on our National Holiday, we are going to march on the street and sing our complaints!" (Image from complaints collection at Mong Kok, courtesy of

March 1, 2009

Below you will find the call for participation for the Auckland Complaints Choir:


Are you tired of hearing other people complain about the economy, the traffic, peoples irritating phone ring? Now it’s your time to whine, you can complain about anything you want, you can even complain about other people complaining. And we will turn your gripes into beautiful music. Founded by Finnish/German couple Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta- Kalleinen the first choir was held in Birmingham, UK, so it is fitting The British Council are supporting the concept here in the South Pacific shores of Auckland City. See for more information and videos.

Following the initial selection of both unique and common complaints, musician SJD will then create a song and choir members will rehearse for public performances on Sunday the 26th of April. The Living Room project is aimed at bringing art into the city’s centre, or its ‘living room’ and includes a wide variety of visual art and musical performances. The Complaints Choir of Auckland City one of many of The British Council’s contributions to Living Room 09.

“The Complaints Choir  is a fantastic way of showing how interactive public art can serve as a catalyst for giving new perspective to how we view the world, our cities, and our problems,” says British Council Country Director Ingrid Leary.

Please join us in this wonderful opportunity to release the frustrations of daily life and transform them into song. Email:

Rehearsals held at the Conference Room, Ellen Melville Hall, City Centre at following dates:
1.) Tuesday April 14th 7-9pm
2.) Thursday April 16th 7-9pm
3.) Tuesday April 21 7-9pm
4.) Thursday April 23 7-9pm
There will be 3 performances of 5 minutes during Sunday 26 at Freyberg Place, or in Ellen Melville Hall.
Contact Anna Wild 021 037 9668 for more information.

February 23, 2009

The Vancouver version of the Complaints Choir is completed and had a successful day of three performances in public spaces around Vancouver, Canada. The video is currently being edited and is on its way to join the worldwide Complaints Choir family! Press on the group and events
can be found here.

February 5, 2009

Read below a statement of the organizers:

"Complaints Choir of Hong Kong – A Real Dialogue between ART and SOCIETY
We would sing especially when we feel happy, excited and sad. It is kind of relaxation for everyone. Could you imagine how wonderful it will be if we can sing a song to voice our dissatisfaction with a group of people having the same feelings about the city we live? Complaints Choir opportunely plays as a platform for people in sympathy to express, share, exchange, discuss and compose a song for preparing their performance. We assure that this project will catch the public’s attention and receive big echo, because everyone needs humor, sympathy and a way to release.

Complaints Choir of Hong Kong is a diversified art project, including workshop, performance, exhibition and forum. Though different medium, we aim to induce real dialogue between ART and SOCIETY by approaching public from different stratifications.

Three phrases of the Choir:
1. Prelude exhibition (Jan - Apr 2009)
2. Workshop and Performance (May - July 2009)
3. Exhibition and Forum (Aug 2009)

Organized by:
In Partnership with: 1a space
Supporting Organization: Katterwall

Pep! is a non-profit arts events group striving to create a platform for communication between units and individuals inside or outside the field. We take “Pep” as the short form for “pepper”, which connotes meanings like ‘lively spirit’, ‘passion’, ‘energy’. “Pep!” would work as a ‘seasoning’ to local art scene by encouraging cross-cultural inter-medium and inter-disciplinary dialogues."

Contact: or via Online Application Form

February 1, 2009

Ivan and Lorenzo from TheTune are proud to announce the birth of the First Milan Complaints Choir.
The choir is currently rehearsing. For further information and for the rehearsal schedule go to the website: Photo by Tommaso Bianchi.

January 20, 2009

I received following update on the Complaints Choir of Juneau from Nancy DeCherney:
"The Juneau Skunk Cabbage Complaint Choral is soliciting complaints for this year's Choral. Complaints are due on Feb. 15, rehearsals begin Mar 1, performance on Mar 14 or 15. Not sure how to add that to the Complaint Choir website - forgot my password etc. I have a complaint about passwords actually."
The Choir was established in 2007 and hopefully will become a fixture in the cultural life of Juneau.

January 15, 2009

The complaints choir video installation is shown as part of the Arctic Hysteria exhibition in Budapest. We are optimistic that the work will receive positive responses since the Hungarians take pride in being the World Champions in Complaining. The Budapest Complaints Choir organized by Daniel Fazekas and Andrea Vido is among the most popular on this website.

October 20, 2008

Katka from Bunker swent the following info on the newly formed Complaints Choir of Maribor:

"We are proud to tell you that the second Slovenian complaints choir has been born in Maribor. I'm sending you the
recording from one of the rehearsals (we singers are really proud for the song having such a nice melody, it's almost like partizans coming out of the woods;)"

The choir will be performing this Saturday, 25th October, at 17.00 in Europark - the biggest shopping centre in Maribor - and at 18.30 in front of the National Theatre Maribor.

October 9, 2008

The Hope Institute organized a Grand Complaints Choir Festival with 8 choirs from Seoul, Jinju, Iksan and Kunsan taking part. The festival was held on Saturday October 11 from 6 to 8 pm at Korea Buddhism Memorial Centre. The evening was a blast with a cheering audience and amazing choir performances. Mayor TV station MBC plans to have a own show dedicated to Complaints Choir. The pilot has been produced and will air on October 24th. The idea is to organize a weekly complaints choir, always comprised of different people and about different subjects. Picture: Kwanak Hanullim Complaints Choir

October 1, 2008

Hyeyeon from
The Hope Institute sent the following update on the Seoul Complaints Choir:

On the 17th September, Complaints choir members got together for making lyrics at Hope Institute. They already got 217 complaints from first meeting and 200 complaints from online event. So lots of complaints should be deleted in the list and only few of them can survive. All the complaints were checked out by choir members in three groups and choose 30 best complaints for each group.

Then they had Traffic Light Game. TLG is a kind of civil participation method. When one line of complaints is said, they raise their cards. Green Card means I like it. Red is I don't agree, Yellow, I am not sure. Each person was asked why they chose that color. When a complaint line got more than half of green cards, it's accepted for the lyrics. In result, 46 complaints are chosen for the complaints lyrics. 3 lines are to be disscussed next time.

100 percent agreed complaint is "what they do with my tax money?" "I'm not lazy but I just like doing nothing" "why are people so lonely even in groups"

September 21, 2008
Marabouparken ansluter sig till den världsomspännande klagokörsrörelsen och bildar en lokal klagokör. Behöver du ett mer kreativt utlopp för ditt vardagsgnäll? Gå med i Sundbybergs Klagokör. Det kostar ingenting och ingen sångerfarenhet krävs! Repetitionerna påbörjas i oktober med körledaren Sophie Eklöf. Klagokören kommer att ha premiär på
Marabouparken annex i Gamla Betlehemskyrkan i Sundbyberg den 14/11. För mer information / anmälan ring tel: 08-29 45 90 eller skriv till oss på

September 5, 2008

The Complaints Choir of Copenhagen made several appearances in town during the last days. The choir opened the U-Turn exhibition at the Carlsberg Brewery and performed in the meat packing district for a few happy party drinkers and on the main town hall square for a stunned audience.

September 6, 2008

The Complaints Choir movement has reached South Korea. At the moment 11 (ELEVEN) Complaints Choirs are organized in Korea. They will all perform on October 9 in Seoul during a conference on social innovation hosted by the HOPE institute.

August 15, 2008
The Complaints Choir of Copenhagen met last Wednesday for the first time. Twenty-seven women and two men of different ages gathered together in order to turn their daily complaints into an impressive choir song. The participants had responded to a flyer distributed around Copenhagen encouraging them to "Sing out your complaints!"

During the meeting the participants held a 20-minute complaining session and later decided in small "expert teams" on the complaints that should be part of the song. The complaints ranged from: "Alle priser ender på 95 øre, men vi har ingen 95 øre mønt, alting preller af regeringen og hvorfor er jeg ikke en alpha han." Another popular complaint was: "Why aren´t there more men joining the Complaints Choir of Copenhagen?" The musician Esben Bladbjerg is currently setting the 200 most favourite complaints to music.

The next rehearsal of the choir takes place August 20 at 6pm in the Art Academy (Kongens Nytorv 1). This is the last opportunity to join the choir. Everybody is welcome, especially bass complainers - no singing skills required.

The Complaints Choir of Copenhagen performs for the public September 6, 2008.

August 5, 2008

In the beginning of her keynote adress "Stop whinging and start doing." Danese Cooper, secretary and treasurer of the Open Source Initiative, introduced the Complaints Choir of Helsinki to the open source community, The video clip of the choir was received with spontanous applause. The complaints choir, Cooper explained, began when TWO WOMEN got tired of their own kvetching and decided that hmm, maybe they could use that energy in a better way.

Danese Cooper, Open Source Initiative and Intel Corporation: "Why Whinging Doesn't Work"
Keynote address from Danese Cooper of the Open Source Initiative and Intel Corporation. From O'Reilly Open Source Convention, Portland, OR, July 24, 2008.

OSCON is the crossroads of all things open source, bringing together the best, brightest, and most interesting people to explore what's new, and to champion the cause of open principles and open source adoption across the computing industry.

August 1, 2008

Finally the complaints choir project has reached Denmark, the country with the most happy citizens in Europe, according to some statistics. Anybody living in and around Copenhagen can join the Complaints Choir of Copenhagen. Participation is free, No singing skills required!

Register for participation:
- Send in your complaints by email ( until August 10, 2008. Any topic allowed.
- Join the complaints workshop at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
- Meal served at each rehearsal
- Each participant receives a DVD of the performance

First meeting 12. August 2008 at 18.00 at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Kongens Nytorv 1 (the following 4 rehearsal dates will be decided in the first meeting). Grand performance 5. September 2008 in Carlsberg Brewery at the opening of U-TURN Quadrennial.

DOWNLOAD the Flyer (In Danish)

July 30, 2008

The Complaints Choir of Cologne aka Beschwerdechor Köln started its rehearsels. More then 150 complainers wanted to join the choir which will perform an ambitious 30 minute piece at Rathaus Köln on September 9. For details see the website of the Köln Choir.

July 11, 2008

The latest rendition of the Complaints Choir idea will take place in Luxembourg on the occasion of the opening of the Ars Baltica exhibition "Don’t Worry - Be Curious!" at
Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain. Food Corner and musical programme on Rue Notre-Dame until midnight with HGH (Hagfors/Gebbardt/Hello!), Girl from Saskatoon and the « Souerchouer »

June 8, 2008

New Yorkers with complaints from noisy neighbors and inaudible subway announcements to workaholic spouses and overcrowded elementary schools can air their grievances as members of the first “NYC Complaints Choir” when the international project comes to New York City on Sunday, June 8. Composer and conductor of the project in New York is Alan Licht., an American guitarist and composer, whose work combines elements of pop, free jazz and minimalism. The choir is organized by
The New Wilderness Foundation in collaboration with FRAME (Finnish Fund for Art Exchange), supported by the New York-based Finnish Cultural Institute.

Videos of Complaints Choirs from six countries are being shown as part of “Arctic Hysteria” exhibition at P.S.1 from June 1 through September 15.
Check out the ComplaintsChoir of Chicago!

May 20, 2008
Uppsala, Sweden has a lot to complain about, so it was necesssary to start the Complaints Choir of Upsala. It is planned to surprise people in official places, like trainstation, shopping-centers and so on. The choir is also invited to sing in a choirefestival at Wik June 8. Conductor and composer for the project is Gina van Dam. Visit for more info.

Fribourg (Switzerland) will now also have its own Complaints Choir. The Fribourg population will be able to sing, whisper or cry out its complaints. People can send their complaints to:

May 18, 2008
The Complaints Choir of Kallio - Kallio is one of the most legendary districts of Helsinki - had it's grand premier today. The choir presented local complaints in the form of a spoken chorus to ca. 200 fellow complainers at the Kallio Kukka festival. The Choir was organised by Katja Kiuru-Miller.

April 12, 2008
Join the Demonstration "9 Easy Steps to Create a Complaints Chor" in Berlin! The initiators of the worldwide complaints choir movement Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen will demonstrate how YOU can organise a Complaints Choir too. An evening full of complaints, video clips of choirs around the world and an ad-hoc complaints choir conducted by Miss Le Bomb. Free entry!

April 12, 2008 at 8 pm at
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststrasse 69, Berlin Mitte

This event will take place in the framework of the night program »Mes nuits sont plus belles ques vos jours« of the 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art at the

April 4, 2008
The Complaints Choir of Wroclaw is rehearsing: "Exactly 57 persons, ten men included, are creating our Complaints Choir. Wroclaw as the first city in Poland will complain for bad roads, watered-down beer, dogs' pooh on the streets, and for thieves who steal our dwarves. The song is ready now and the Choir is practicing regularly. There are more youth, but also elderly people in the Choir. Together they are bravely making out with the musical challenge. The music of the first Polish Complaints Choir was written by Rafa Karasiewicz, while the lyrics were created under the supervision of the careful ears and eyes of Konrad Imiela.

The premiere will take place on 13th of April, as a closing concert of a festival called The Review of Stage Songs. more info at

March 15, 2008
The Complaints Choir of Ljubljana aka ZBOR PRITOSB – LJUBLJANA is now rehearsing. The grand performance will be on April 24. The choir is organized by Obrat - non-profit organization for art and culture. (coproducer: Bunker Productions, Partner: P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institut)
For more details check their

Also the Complaints Choir of Paris is now starting to rehearse.
If you stil want to join:

March 3, 2008
The Complaints Choir of Umeå is now taking your complaints. Have you anything to complain about? You can file your complaints at this
website until March 24. The Choir is organized by MADE festival. Mats Larsson Gothe will write the music and Kjell Oscarsson will be the choir master.

March 1, 2008
Today the Complaints Choir of Florence was announced. It will be the first Complaints Choir in Italy. It is organised by Associazione Start. The composer is Alessandro di Puccio.
Info: or You can download the flyer from here.

January 28, 2007
All public performances of the Complaints Choir of Singapore have been cancelled. The Singaporean authorities did not want to issue a permission for public performances if foreign choir members wouldn't leave the choir. The choir has few members who are permanently living in Singapore but who are not Citizens. The Malaysian born choir conductor and the artists Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen weren´t given a permission to perform either.

The choir decided that they did not want to perform under these circumstances and hence all public performances were cancelled. This is the first time the Complaints Choir project created negative attention due to the reactions of authorities. The lyrics contain mostly daily irritations like "People put on fake accents to sound posh" and "My neighbour sings KTV all night". The relation between daily complaints and political ones were in average the same than in other countries where the project has been realised. The authorities did not come to follow the rehearsals before making their decision.

It was a strong provocation for us to hear that the authorities wanted the Non-Singaporean choir members to be excluded from the choir performances. This would have spoilt the project's intention to create a strong sense of community, a community that is based on shared complaints about life in Singapore here and now.
We are disappointed that our prejudices against Singapore have been affirmed. We find it irritating that foreigners - people that built this city, nurse Singaporean kids and bring in their knowledge - are not allowed to complain." – Tellervo + Oliver Kalleinen

But judge by yourself: read the lyrics (scroll down) and watch the video

January 8, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Singapore came together for the very first time today. The rehearsal took place in the Old Parliament House right in the chamber in which many decision affecting the lives of all Singaporeans were made. After a short complaints warm up people went into full gear and produced ca. 1000 complaints in 10 minutes. That is a world record, but for those Singaporeans that complain about Singapore always needs to be No.1, we can confirm, that Helsinki produced 3 times more complaints in total, placing Singapore into 2nd best only.

The Complaints Choir project and its Singaporean section is featured on Channel NewsAsia. The Sinagporean Complaints Choir has attracted a number of Media responses, e.g. from the Straits Times and Channel5 News among many others.

November 3+4, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Chicago performed for all Chicagoans on Sunday November 4 at the Cloud Gate aka The Bean at Millenium Park in the heart of Chicago. On Saturday November 3 the Choir was the biggest band ever to have performed at the legendary Empty Bottle Club. The Chicago Complaint Choir was conducted by Jeremy Jacobson aka the lonesome organist and organized by Frank and Lisa Mauceri of Smog Veill Records (in collaboration with MCA and SAIC and Humanities Festival). All photos by Clare Britt.
Check lyrics and live footage from the Chicago Complaints Choir.

November 25, 2007
The Complaints Choir project is featured on CBS Sunday Morning, November 25. Correspondent Bill Geist covered the story and even contributed a complaint that is now a part of the Chicago Complaints Choir song.

November 1, 2007
The BBC One Show ripped off the Complaints Choir project! We are dissappointed that exactly BBC utilizes the idea of the Complaints Choir for their show without crediting anybody that has made this project a success around the globe and created an international community. They even pretend to be the first ones who organize a complaints choir in the UK while in fact the project was started in Birmingham, UK. They even have reported on the BBC about the Bimringham choir. Thats just bad journalism and bad style. And the worst part: when submitting a complain to the official complaints website of the BBC you can tick a box saying" I want an answer to my complaint". We certainly ticked that box, still they did not reply to us. Write to BBC and complain about them!

November 3+4, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Chicago performed this weekend at a packed house at the MCA and in various locations around the city. Our thanks goes out to all complainers of Chicago, all choir members, the organizers and of course to choir leader, composer and conductor Jeremy Jacobson!

October 22, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Chicago is rehearsing now. More then 400 complaints were filed. A third of the complaints had to do with the traffic, only one complaint was about relationships. Jeremy Jacobson, the composer and choir conductor set them to music. The challenging piece will be now rehearsed during the next two weeks. The choir will perform on November 3 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (2 performances: 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.) and at the Empty Bottle Club 8 PM. On November 4 the Choir will perform on various locations in Chicago without prior notice. So watch out for a bunch of complainers that day!

October 1, 2007
After sweeping successes in Europe the complaints choir movement has now finally reached the heart of America (by detour of Canada and Alaska). We proudly announce the Complaints Choir of Chicago. It comes just in time to save the country from the unscrupulous mission of Rev. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity to create a COMPLAINTS FREE WORLD. To complain is a basic human right. Even in Paradise people complained. Why pretend that things are okay when they are not. Complainers of Chicago, we count on you to stop the "tyranny of the positive attitude in America!" (Barbara S. Held "Stop Smiling and Start Kvetching"). View the trailer on YouTube.

August 22, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Malmö aka Malmö Klagokör celebrated a great premier last week during Malmöfestivalen. On Sunday 19 the choir performed also on the main stage of the festival in front of 2.000 people. The choir was organized by Malmöfestivalen (Karin Larsson & Lotta Ström) in cooperation with Signal Gallery. The choir was conducted by Mattias Leesment Bergh.

August 7, 2007
The complaints choir project will be shown at KUMU (Art Museum of Estonia) in Tallin and at SIGNAL Gallery in Malmö. Today also the Budapest Complaints Choir has been added to the site. Check out their great video and the fantastic song. Our favourite complaint is: "My neighbour gives folk dance classes above my bedroom."

July 28, 2007
Heidi Soltau reported today about the Complaints Choir of Sointula: "We, the hearty souls of Sointula, have joined the ranks of "connoisseurs of complaining" and organized a Complaints Choir. Since we are an island community of only 800 people, it was pretty easy to get the word out and organize (we even got some fellow complainers from across the water).

We just put up a poster and a "Complaints Box" in our local Coop Store and in two weeks we had more than enough material to work with. (The hardest part was keeping the complaints from getting too personal,,,,,,,,since this is a small island and we all tend to know each other's business.)

We held our first "workshop" meeting the first week in July and are now rehearsing the final version (hopefully) of the song called "History Always Trumps Common Sense" (that was one of the complaints we just couldn't find a place for in the song!) We will be performing our "Complaints" on Saturday, July 28 at "Artopia", our summer arts festival."

June 2, 2007
Basel is organizing a Complaints Choir as well. Daniel Hagmann took the initiative. It will be the first one in Switzerland. The Complaint Choir of Basel is searching now for participants and complaints. Please join if you live in Basel and have anything to complain about. Rehearsals will take place in September. All further information can be found on the choir web-site:

May 29, 2007
Finally the Complaints Choir of Gabriola is online. Check the latest contribution to the worldwide phenomena of complaints choirs! This site includes now also an option to vote for your favourite complaint choir. This is not a representative survey and it is not about who complains better, it is just to see which video people favour most. Thanks for voting.

May 18, 2007
Today Sivan Shenhav informed me that she had organized the Complaints Choir of Jerusalem. It will be added to the site as soon as the video is edited and subtitled.

April 18, 2007
Now it is official.
Budapest will get its own complaints choir. Daniel Fazekas took the initiative. The Budapest Complaints Choir aka Budapesti Panaszkórus is growing already rapidly: 75 Members, 1300 complaints. Check here for more (and here).

April 17, 2007
Three more Complaints Choirs have been added to the site: The Penn State Complaints Choir (organized by Craig Upton), the All Canadian/As It Happens Complaints Choir (organized by CBS radio) and the Juneau Complaints Choir AKA Skunk Cabbage Complaints Chorale (by Nancy DeCherny). Check the Choir section.

March 11, 2007
The London Complaints Choir is searching for complainers and complaints. If you live in London and you always wanted to complaint together with a whole choir you should consider joining. The choir is initiated by Benjamin Nolan and Mawgen Beattie. Visit the web-site of the
London Complaints Choir for further info.

March 8, 2007
Gail Lund informed about the recently founded Gabriola Island Complaints Choir. The choir has 45 members and has already recorded a song and is working now on a video clip. As soon as the video is ready it will be available on this site.
Gabriola is a small island off Vancouver Island near Nanaimo with a population of around 4000.

March 6, 2007
The Penn State Complaints Choir music video is finished and will be posted soon on the site. The choir was initiated by Craig Thomas Upton and PSU ECO INNOVATION at Penn State University in the USA. The choir is "tackling global issues as well as local issues in a rhapsody parody song format."

February 27, 2007
The Juneau Complaints Choir was announced today: "We are forming, as part of an annual Cabin Fever Spring Arts Fest, a Skunk Cabbage Complaint Chorale. We will perform on Mar. 9 at 12 pm noon on the Capitol Steps in Juneau (Alaska). The weather will be miserable. Our complaint song is composed by Patricia Hull and Tony Tengs, and will move from a whiny fussy minor key filled with complaining and lamentations to a melodic and uplifting major key singing out of the wonderful reasons to live in this dark rainy and magnificent place. Spring is just around the corner, none too soon, I might add."

February 23, 2007
The Complaints Choir videos are shown until March 10 at Sparwasser HQ in Berlin and from April 1 at Kunsthalle Kiel as part of the Ars Baltica Triennale.

February 22, 2007
The CBC radio show "As It Happens" organised a Canadian Complaints Choir with the complaints provided by listeners of the show. The choir was formed by volunteers from Toronto. It had its debut at the Glenn Gould theatre last night.

January 31, 2007
Gilles Roy wrote a long, excellent and very insightful review of the Complaints Choir project. You can read it at his site

JANUARY 29, 2007
A new complaints choir was submitted! Check out the ultimate complaints of the citizens of Bodø in Northern Norway in the CHOIR section of this site. Watch the Mayor of Bodø being the hardest complainer. Thanks to Kari Koksvik.

JANUARY 23, 2007
Rehearsals for the Pittsburgh Complaints Choir - organized by Jen and Ray Strobel - have been set! There will be six rehearsals beginning the week of February 6th. Reherasals will be held in the parlor of First United Methodist Church, on the corner of Centre Ave. and South Aiken in the East End of Pittsburgh. If you are interested in singing and can attend all six rehearsals, or if you have a complaint to suggest, please send email to the following address: complaintschoir [dot] pgh [at] gmail [dot] com.

JANUARY 9, 2007
A new complaints choir was submitted! Check the fantastic song and great performance of the Poikkilaakso Complaints Choir in the CHOIR section of this site. The chorus of the song is magnificient. Poikkilaakso is part of Helsinki city. Thanks to Matti Salo.

JANUARY 6, 2007
The Complaints Choir of Helsinki was featured on NPR - Weekend Edition Saturday.

DECEMBER 23, 2006
The Complaints Choirs of
Hamburg (aka Beschwerde Chor zu Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg) and St. Petersburg went online today. Merry Christmas!

DECEMBER 12, 2006
The Complaints Choir
Project is featured today on BBC Global Hits: "For today's Global Hit, the subject is complaints. Complaints about the weather, the neighbors, the government. All set to music. The World's Patrick Cox has more."

DECEMBER 3, 2006
The Complaints Choirs of Helsinki and Birmingham will be shown at the
Dreamlands Burn exhibition at Kunsthalle Budapest. The exhibiton is open from 7th December 06 - 28th February 2007. There are also discussions about a Complaints Choir of Budapest.

DECEMBER 1, 2006
The Complaints Choirs of Helsinki, Birmingham, Wilhelmsburg and St.Petersburg will be shown at the
Lost and Found exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, SMAK, in Ghent in Belgium.
The exhibition runs from 2nd December 2006 until 11th February 2007.

NOVEMBER 30, 2006
Today the Complaints Choir Website Worldwide went online.

NOVEMBER 24, 2006
Today the Complaints Choir of Birmingham was featured on YouTube. One member of the Birmingham Choir was recognized at his local Farmers Market: "I have seen you on YouTube".

NOVEMBER 23, 2006
The Complaints Choirs of Helsinki, Birmingham, Wilhelmsburg and St.Petersburg will be shown at the
5 Tage Bis zum Ende der Kunst – Fremd bin ich eingezogen exhibition at Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel. The exhibition, the last one curated by Rene Block for Fridericianium, runs only from 23rd - 26th November 2006.

NOVEMBER 2, 2006
Today the Complaints Choir of Bodø had it's premier. It was the second complaints choir that was organized completely independent from the initiators of the Complaints Choir project.

OCTOBER 6, 2006
The Complaints Choirs of Helsinki, Birmingham, Wilhelmsburg and St.Petersburg will be shown at the
Art Link exhibition at Göteborg Konsthall in Sweden.
The exhibition runs from 6th October 2006 - 7th January 2007.

Complaints Choir of St. Petersburg was formed today. The choir met for the first time at Pro Arte Institute to work on the complaints song. The public performances will be on September 28th and 29th.