After seeing the Birmingham Choir on YouTube and then finding the Helsinki Choir we felt this project was very much like our work as artists. Our video works and performances have included non-singers and non-musicians and sometimes include the audience in the making of the work.

In Australia we live in a ‘she’ll be right’ culture where complaining is frowned upon. When we found the World Wide Choir website and an invitation to start a choir in Australia we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to begin complaining publicly. When we put out a call for complaints and singers we knew Melbourne was ready. The first performance was given during the opening weekend of our exhibition ‘Increase Your Uncertainty’ at ACCA in Melbourne. We had around 500 people at the first performance and lots of encouragement and press.


Lyrics by the singers and other people who e-mailed complaints, then compiled by the singers

Singers: Kate Smith, Lorna Fitzpatrick, Clare Marion Rae, Pamela-Marie Graham, Michele Davies, Mesh Davies, Jess Johnson, Gwenda Robb, Barb Sawyer, John Sawyer, Vanessa Davies, Judith Scott, Katya Grokhovsky, Rosemary Forde, Adele Macer, Geoff Lowe, Jacqueline Riva, Angela Dufty, Claire Dufty, Claire Jeddou, Jordie Marani, Alice Gerlach, Gabrielle de Vietri

food, drink and people organisation: Gabrielle di Vietri