In June 2007 we invited people in Malmö to participate in Malmö Klagokör, the Malmö Complaints Choir. The choir was formed to perform during the Malmö Festival in August. The project was open to everybody, no singing skills required, and anyone up for it could e-mail complaints to be part of the Malmö complaints song. The most frequent complaints were about the city of Malmö, job problems and about the bad weather this particular summer.

It did not take long before the choir caught great media attention. Still we had somewhat a hard time getting people to join the choir during the holiday season. Finally, 23 people signed up to the project, eager to enter the big venues of the Malmö Festival. Together with the conductor, the participants transformed the complaints into a song called "It was better before", a common saying in Sweden often used by people after having complained about every day annoyances.

After three weeks of rehearsals the choir had its premier performance for a full house (800 people) at Manegen, the venue for culture and art at the Malmö Festival. The choir performed four times during the festival week and had an estimated audience of 3.000 people all together..


The song was composed, conducted and accompanied by Mattias Lessment Bergh.

Members of the Complaints Choir of Malmö was: Anneli Blondell, Kristoffer Creutz, Åsa Landgren, Henrik Reimers, Johanna Nord, Tomas Nilson, Åsa Gärrenstad, Jeanette Lebedies Nord, Jacquelin Nilsson, Hanna Jisser, Pernilla Lindblad, Sonja Tixell-Kaufman, Christel Ström, Elin Hasselberg, Sofie Boman, Erik Sandelin, Åsa Ståhl, Gunilla Falck, Bosse Bergdahl, Birgitta Bjerring, Kajsa Karlström, Anders Holmquist and Torgny Ferander.

The Complaints Choir of Malmö was produced by the Malmö Festival/Karin Karlsson and Lotta Ström.

Sound recording, filming, editing and still photography by Goran Kapetanovic, Kapetanovich Productions. English translation by Sofia Alsterhag

Thanks to: Mattias Leesment Bergh, Goran Kapetanovic, Emma Reichert & Elena Tzotzi at Signal gallery for showing the exhibition, Mazetti for lending us their rehearsal hall, Martin Bergström for doing the layout, all the producers and technicians at Manegen, Stora Scenen and Mölleplatsen at the Malmö Festival. You all did a great job!