The Complaints Choir of Jerusalem has started its way when Sivan, the organizer of the choir checked her mailbox and got a mail from her roommate Noa (who is also a member of the choir) with a link to the Complaints Choirs page at YouTube. Noa sent it to Sivan because she wanted her to get some good laugh and inspiration for her new piece for a choir... But the rest is history!

Sivan loved the idea of organizing a Complaints Choir in Israel, and spread the word to her friends at the Music Academy of Jerusalem. We started to spread e-mails, leaflets and advertisements all over the academy and then, there were seventeen. Seventeen angry singers with lots of complaints to supply (only 10 of the singers perform at the video we filmed).

After the complaints collection, Sivan, Shahar and Jasmin, 3 composition students at the Academy sat together, arranged the text and composed the song.

After couple of fun rehearsals with all the members of the choir, we had a great song to play. We used the song for the rallies of the big student strike and also performed in a concert at the Academy. Of course the audience loves us and many new members are still joining...

The members of the choir are Yummy Bar, Tomer Baruch, Maria Gilman, Merav Golan, Avigail Gurtler, Chen Lax, Dorit Perry, Noa Richke, Daniel Safro. Alon Schab, Sivan Shenhav, Noa Shoseiov, Ella Tadmor, Gal Tamir, Jasmin Wagner, Anat Zajdman and Nili Zeidel.

Pianist: Sivan Shenhav

We would like to thank Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen for the great concept.
Special thanks to Lihi Lotker and Hadar Bar-Shalom for the help with the translation, Tom Dayan and Reut Zimchoni for the filming and Sivan Mor for the subtitles and the editing of our video.

Contact: sivanshenhav -insert at here-