The Gabriola Complaints Choir is made up of the Gabriola Island Singers and their friends. Depending on the day, there are about 45 members. The lyrics and music were written by the musical director of the choir, Gail Lund, who also organized the event. When the call for complaints went out, they came in thick and fast ˆ sometimes pages of them and choir members and friends are still submitting them! Other verses coming up? We recorded an MP3 first with a group of about 18 people in Lou Gradanti‚s studio on Gabriola Island. Filming and editing were done by Nigel Hart and the camera was operated mainly by Rick Hobbs with some assistance from Nathaniel Moher, all good friends of the choir. The song was performed first on Quadra Island and audio clips have been played on both CBC Vancouver and CBC Victoria. The official premiere was at the Gabriola Island Singers concert, fittingly on April Fools Day 2007. Thanks so much to Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen for the idea. (People who live on islands are sometimes a bit strange!)


The Gabriola Island Complaints Choir -  Aileen Adam, Sue Boulton, Hugh Brown, Catherine Caines, Marilyn Campbell, Ken Capon, Jaqueline Cecil, Joan Cellik, John Davison, Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley, Steve Elder, Jerry Ellins, Donna Gradanti, Sue Gould, Dave & Elly Hallam, Nigel & Vivian Hart, Gary Henschke, Dave Hobbs, Rick Hobbs, Lucille Hooper, Klaus Horky, Harold Jenner, Xanon Jensen, Linda Leonard, Carmen & Jack Mattes, John McDowell, Diana Moher, Angela Nutter, Diane Parks, Betty Phillips, Jean Rhodes, Cindy Shepard, Val Spears, Janina Stajic, Judy Storness-Kress, Cathy Tanner, Ann Toms, Jane Woods, Susan Yeend

Music & Lyrics - Gail Lund
Still Photography - Don Butt, Marilyn Cambell, Ken Capon, Jerry Ellins, Xanon Jensen, Bruce Mason - of the Gabriola Sounder  Newspaper
MP3 Recording - Lou Gradanti
Camcorder Operators - Nigel Hart, Rick Hobbs, Nathaniel  Moher
Editing & Videography - Nigel Hart
Produced & Directed by  Gail Lund

Released May 2007