responds to the Complaint Choir

The Columbia Chronicle has a longer article on the upcoming Complaints Choir of Chicago. Arts and Entertainment editor Jessica Galliart managed to also get a statement about the Complaints Choir from Reverend Will Bowen, the founder of the complaints free world movement.

“It’s focusing on what you don’t want rather than what you do want,” Bowen said. “When you sing, you’re amplifying the vibrational level of [complaints]. I would rather see a choir painting a vision of the great things yet to come instead of talking about what’s wrong now, because that keeps us mired in the problem as opposed to talking about the solution.”

We just can say, that with even the slightest understanding of the human psyche, it becomes obvious that a problem can only be solved, if you deal with it actively. Thats excatly what the Complaints Choir is doing. Self censorship and supression of existing concerns (that are for example expressed as complaints) – something that Bowenwants us to do – leads to a very unhealthy state of mind.

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