First complaints have arrived

Here is a super very brief sample of the Chicago Complaints submitted so far. Great stuff! We want more!
“….neighbors who pee off high balconies in the city!”
“…the Amateur Jethro Tull cover band that plays every weekend in a backyard down the block!”
“…People who do not check to make sure everything has flushed, leaving turds behind!”
“…the way the wind chooses your corner as the worst in the city!”

3 Responses to “First complaints have arrived”

  1. former resident Says:

    I used to live in Chicago, and here was one of my biggest problems with it: to get to the good things in the city (concerts, clubs, museums, whatever) you always have to drive through a really horrible neighborhood somewhere along the way. I always felt I had to risk my life just to enjoy a little of the culture everyone assumes I was immersed in by living there…as a result I went out about every four months, and even then I had to have the vigilance of a starved coyote to get home safely!

  2. Laura Mallette Berman Says:

    I just saw & heard about your world-wide choir . . . wondering if
    1) is there one in the Twin Cities area! I’d LOVE to join it! Please! or trying to start one here!
    2) is there any CDs available for purchase ? I’d enjoy giving one to my sister for Christmas soon

  3. mimi sager Says:

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