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Thursday, October 25th, 2007

The Columbia Chronicle has a longer article on the upcoming Complaints Choir of Chicago. Arts and Entertainment editor Jessica Galliart managed to also get a statement about the Complaints Choir from Reverend Will Bowen, the founder of the complaints free world movement.

“It’s focusing on what you don’t want rather than what you do want,” Bowen said. “When you sing, you’re amplifying the vibrational level of [complaints]. I would rather see a choir painting a vision of the great things yet to come instead of talking about what’s wrong now, because that keeps us mired in the problem as opposed to talking about the solution.”

We just can say, that with even the slightest understanding of the human psyche, it becomes obvious that a problem can only be solved, if you deal with it actively. Thats excatly what the Complaints Choir is doing. Self censorship and supression of existing concerns (that are for example expressed as complaints) – something that Bowenwants us to do – leads to a very unhealthy state of mind.

2nd rehearsal of the Chicago Complaint Choir

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

ccc 2nd rehearsal

The Chicago Complaint Choir met today for the second time. In the time between the 1st and second rehersal the lyrics were finalized and composer Jeremy Jacobsen aka the Lonesome Organist tried the almost impossible task to set the music to the 200+ complaints (that made it into the song). He had only 3 days time to do this.

In the rehearsal the choir went through the first verses and it sounded already good. The song is challenging with 4 voices, but it seems that the Chicago people have re not only talented complainers but gifted singers as well.

Last Minute Chance to Join Complaints Choir

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

This is the last opportunity to join the Complaints Choir of Chicago. Please write to or phone to 773.706.0450. The next rehearsal will be on Monday, October 22nd from 5.30pm until ca. 8.00pm. The location is MCA Theatre, 220 East Chicago Avenue. (Please use the Staff Entrance).

First Rehearsal of the Complaints Choir of Chicago

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

ccc first rehearsal

On Tuesday, October 16th the first rehearsal of the Complaints Choir of Chicago took place. Nobody knew how many people will show up. In the end 35 brave complainers came to the rehearsal. After a short warm-up conducted by composer Jeremy, a spontaneous complaints session took place. A lot of good complaints were aired that did not came up in the first round of gathering the complaints. But one thing became obvious: Chicagoans rather complain about the traffic (ca. 50 complaints) than about relationships (1 complaint). What does this say about Chicago? While some complained “I was born a Cubs fan and I am still one!” others were nerved, when Cubs fans cram the Red Line which is already overcrowded.

After the 20 minute complaints session the choir split up in small “expert” teams to make editorial choices for the final song. Each team was responsible for one of the categories: Traffic, Other People, Chicagoland, Family/Friends/Partners, Service, Products, Work&Education, World Issues. The teams discussed all the submitted complaints and choose the most important ones.

Their selection will form the base for the Complaints Choir song that will be now composed by Jeremy Jacobson in record time until the next rehearsal. See you there.