The Budapest Complaints Choir aka Panaszkorus was organized by Andrea Vido and Daniel Fazekas and was run as a zero budget grassroots project. Our objective was to expose Budapest citizens to the choir's idea, and so allow them to participate. After touring the city with a Complaints Box, the media (newspapers, radio and tv) picked up the story, helping in gathering over 2000 complaints and 120 people registered to sing.

The first workshop was attended by ca. 40 choir members, who started off the choir with great enthusiasm. During the first couple of rehearsals serious problems emerged. The choir did not accept the choir leader/composer we asked beforehand to work with us on the project. She quit. We asked a choir member, Reka Papp, to take over the choir leader role. She did – and with great success. We also got Kristof Darvas on board, who finished the composing, and the Siraly Cultural Center to use space to rehears. We went through another five rehearsals before the Grande Performance, which agreed to record and edit.

The Choir has performed a flash mob series on the streets and public transport of Budapest. Moreover, we performed on the Sziget Festival, and on the opening of the ARC Poster exhibition in for a crowd of over 2000 spectators. With the job done, the choir has ceased to sing the Complaints Song.

The Budapest Complaint Choir had a wide press coverage, for example at,, RTL and budacast.


Organized by Daniel Fazekas and Andrea Vido. The song composed by Kristof Darvas. Choir conducted by Reka Kinga Papp.

The Budapest Complaint Choir are Gergo Barna, Judit Baumann, Andreas Bock, Ivaan Bornemisza, Ervin Brodorits, Katalin Dallos, Zsuzsa Deri, Nikolett Dosa-Hamori, Anita Egyed, Daniel Fazekas, Sara Gabor, Anna Hajdu, Nora Halasz, Anna Harsanyi-Zorandy, Vera Harsanyi-Zorandy, Haziko, Szabolcs Illes, Eszter Kemeny, Kincso Pozsonyi, Eva Kiss-Torma, Pal Lederer, Judit Lehotay, Robert Marko, Hajnalka Milak, Miklos Molnar, Lidia Nadori, Szilvia Olah, Reka Kinga Papp, Anita Prajda, Andrea Simon, Margit Simon, Natalia Simon, Daniel Sipos, Erika Szendroi, Stefi Szepessy, Agape Szkarosi, Hajni Toth Laszlone, Emese Tukacs, Eva Turos, Barbara Udvardy, Zsuzsa Vegh, Ildiko Vido, Andrea Vido, Edit Vitrai, Barbara Vitrai, Istvan Zakarias, Gabriella Zima, Richard Zima, Sara Zorandy.

Translation by Monika Mesterhazi and Eva Turos.

Thanks to Lajos Soos, Gödörklub, Tamas Harsanyi, Corvinteto,
Special Thanks to Siraly and