The lyrics are complaints from the people of Bodø, edited together by the music composer Mikael Rønnberg. We had a hard time getting people come forward with their complaints at first, but as we put Complaining-books with pens in most cafes and pubs we got a lot of material for the song.

The choir was people of Bodø volunteering to participate in such a project. They came together for a workshop of just one day to rehearse the song. And it has been performed only once, as the opening event of the contemporary art festival here in Bodø - Mørke Nu. We really felt that the unison complaints, strangely enough, lifted our moods a lot!

Text: Kari Koksvik


Lyrics by the people of Bodø (edited by Kari Koksvik and Mikael Rönnberg).

Singers: Maria Nohr, Thale Krogtoft Jensen, Karianne Grønbech, Beate Rekdahl, Solfrid Norum, Tove Olaussen, Randi Mørch, Ella Pedersen, Bodil Svendsgård, Guro Solheim, Kristin Fredriksen, Marit Bjærang, Andreas N. Aanonsen, Kristin Hals Kummernes, England Ellingsen, Eva Elisabeth Berg, Geir Trondsen, Mari Haave Dvergsdal, Frida Estensen, Guro Solheim.
Rap Solo by Marius Staulen & Daniel Daasvatn (Producer (Rap): Thomas Nygård)

The Song was composed and conducted by
Mikael Rönnberg.

Musicians: Mikael Rönnberg (piano), Geir Sørensen (bass), Kjetil Hesten (guitar), Ole Morten Granlund (saxophone)

Video edited by Kari Koksvik
Translation by Peter Glanfield and Kari Koksvik

Produced by Mørke Nu 2006 Festival / Ola Beskow and Kari Koksvik